Stay At Home, Mama

I’ve heard many women take issue with the label “stay at home” because when one is a SAHM, one rarely does stay at home. In fact, you are much more likely to taxi kids to classes, take part in the mysteriously popular “mommy & me” classes – my idea of a great class would be called “daddy & me” – than your working for pay sisters of capitalism. See what you think of my new little jingle.


Go to your classes of knitting and art

Follow the crowds to the small sunny park

Pack up the kids with the cooler and wipes

Wave “hi” on the field as your waiting child snipes

I’ll be at home while my darling kids play

Not a carseat to buckle, nor a fit to delay

Or something like that. I love staying home when I’m off work… the kids and I all stay in our PJ’s until odd hours, play easily with what’s here, and even have time for rest and daydreaming. It’s the only way to go. Every time I start to feel guilty and organize an edifying outing of some sort, I almost always regret it by the 3rd potty trip, or fit, or fight, or fall. And while my rebel self enjoys the scene caused by twins and a young baby having a simultaneous crying jag, MM (mean mommy) surfaces, using an irritable voice and pledging warnings… nothing terrible just lots of backward car yelling “if you kids don’t quit, you’ll get a TIME OUT WHEN WE GET HOME” and that sort of thing, which is murder on the back, don’t you know. Whereas, if I stay home, where all the outlets are covered, stairs gated, furniture soft, and sandwich fixin’s fresh and inexpensive, a fun time might just happen after all.


So I propose a new label for gals like me: No Place Like Home Moms (or NPLHM) or Nice Peeps Lounge for Hours, Mary…




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