Fun Games #2

This is a game I call “Upset The Attachment Parent.” Here’s how it goes. You’re sitting in the park feeding your kids McDonald’s cheeseburgers and fries and along comes a cute hippie mommy toting her 4 year old in a sling and signing to her baby in the stroller. She looks nice, so you sidle over for a chat. As you’re talking she brings up how tired she is (the bond all mothers share). As you’re about to laugh and agree (you drank too much last night and got up early to shop for shoes).. she offers an explanation: she suspects she’s tired because she’s tandem nursing. Tandem nursing (breastfeeding more than one child simultaneously) trumps hangovers any day, but c’mon. What 4 year old really NEEDS to breastfeed?

This is where the fun begins.

Here’s what you say back to her, “I think breastfeeding more than one child is just another way for women to enslave themselves to the patriarchy and constantly put the needs of everyone else ahead of their own. Furthermore, whatever happened to MahJong and cocktails in the afternoon? Whatever happened to being a good enough mother? Why the perfectionism?”

The game will often end with someone walking away, but just THINK of the fun….


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