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Fun Games #2

This is a game I call “Upset The Attachment Parent.” Here’s how it goes. You’re sitting in the park feeding your kids McDonald’s cheeseburgers and fries and along comes a cute hippie mommy toting her 4 year old in a sling and signing to her baby in the stroller. She looks nice, so you sidle […]


Many children are involved in enriching and educational activities from a very early age. My kids haven’t been in classes until now and they are nearly ready for Kindergarten. To be specific, they aren’t currently enrolled in any of the following: soccer, karate, Spanish, dance, gymnastics, interpretive dance, or nonviolent communication. They are, as my […]

Stay At Home, Mama

I’ve heard many women take issue with the label “stay at home” because when one is a SAHM, one rarely does stay at home. In fact, you are much more likely to taxi kids to classes, take part in the mysteriously popular “mommy & me” classes – my idea of a great class would be […]


  The other day I was getting ready to leave for a work meeting and I walked out to the backyard to kiss the kids goodbye and wish grandma luck with babysitting. As I made my way across the lawn, grandma announced in a cheery songful voice “Here comes Jiggles!!” “Huh?” As the “joke” sunk […]

Eye Candy

So I’ll share with you my latest and most secret problem. It seems to have a direct relationship to how little sleep I managed to get this weekend, what with the stomach flu sweeping through my family and all. Nevertheless, it’s a problem I’ve had before and perhaps you can relate. It has to do […]