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Jobs That Don’t Suck

Here are some lovely imaginary jobs which wouldn’t suck and at which I’d excel: 1. Awarder of cash prizes 2. Receiver of weekly spa manicures and pedicures 3. Cake batter taster 4. Professional high heel shoe shopper 5. Opinion giver 6. Republican basher …Anyone know of any openings?

Every Mama Needs…

Time for herself every day To eat without sharing her food Cranky saucy girlfriends who swear The right to admit that sometimes she’s not that happy Freedom to read a good book in peace, quiet, and solitude A nice warm shower or bath with sweet smelling oils and bubbles Pretty shoes Sleep AND rest A […]

Fun Games #2

This is a game I call “Upset The Attachment Parent.” Here’s how it goes. You’re sitting in the park feeding your kids McDonald’s cheeseburgers and fries and along comes a cute hippie mommy toting her 4 year old in a sling and signing to her baby in the stroller. She looks nice, so you sidle […]

Every Mama Needs…

Pretty Red Shoes from Anthropologie

Oh Canada…

When on a trip in another country with a baby, even if it is a friendly Canadian type country, one must come prepared. Apparently this ought to include baby helmet, suture equipment, food, and lots of money. As I quickly learned this weekend, the delight of a newly walking child on a wobbly boat is […]